Ayurvedic Nightfall Treatment

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Ayurvedic Nightfall Treatment

Discharge during the night due to sexy dreams as without any dream. This problem result in physical and sexual weakness and after marriage patient suffers from early discharge while having sex. Semen which is wasted every night during night fall is the vital fluid of the body which cause weakness of whole body & failure in married life. So it is very important to cure it in the early stage.

Causes of Night Fall

  • Due to weakness of penies muscles, Because the weak muscles con’t hold semen during excitement
  • Hormonal imbalance – reduce level of testosterone
  • Medications and drugs – medicines used for heart problem high blood pressure anit depressants , high cholesterol level .
  • Alcohol , Smoking

Read why only you are suffering ?

There are only three causes of sexual problem :

    • Diet
    • Phsyical Activity
    • Sexsual Activity

Diet: There are minor mistakes which we do. We provide you complete diet chart according to your problem and according to your body.

Physical Activity: We guide some exercise so that you can increase your sex power.

Sexsual Activity: In way young age we do unnatural sex like masturbation and take some tablets to increase sex power which in later cause many sex problems

How our medicine increase your sex power naturally and permanently ?

  • Increase the blood circulation : When we excited or doing inercourse the circualtion of blood iincrease and size of penis increase. If the blood circulation does not increase the size of pennis does not develop and remain small. We provide natural and rare herbs which increase the blood circulation naturally and you got rock hard erection and big pennis.
  • Thick Semen : Our medicine has 100% natural rare herbs which provide the essential nutrients for the formation of good and healthyy sperms which result in the highly thick semen. More, the thick semen more time and a healthy baby.

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