Treatment For Quick Discharge

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Treatment For Quick Discharge

Definition: – discharge during sex with in 2 minutes if you discharge your semen before 2 mints you can not satisfied your partner result of that your partner has no interest in you.

Causes of quick discharge premature ejaculation:-

  1. Diet:- if you take of fried of spicy food you semen become thin and your time period during sex deceased
  2. Weak penis muscles:- if your penis muscles become weak due to masturbation or one use of sex your time period during sex deceased
  3. Use of Viagra as alcohol as any drug.


You can increase your sexual time period only by ayurvedic medicine and people diet. In allopathic medicine there is no proper treatment because they contain chemicals improvement later result side effects 1. Impotency 2. Erectile dysfunction.

Treatment For Quick Discharge:- we are the best sexologist in Punjab we provide one of the best ayurvedic medicine according to your body age and condition. We also guide you proper diet so that your time period increase and you are able to satisfied your partner.

Action of medicine:-

Our medicine has permanent solution to quick dischare because we provide you one of the best ayurvedic herbs and bhasmas.
Which strengthen your penis muscles to rock strong so that they can hold your sperm for long time some patient have good election but when they tried to perform sex they discharge this occur due to weak penis muscles.
Our medicine contains those essential nutrients and amino acids which thicken and improve the quality of your semen so that your time period increases.

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