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Dhat / spermatorrhea: – this is one of the severe sexual disorder because semen ejaculate without any election as sexual inter course. This means it is involuntary ejaculation of semen. Dhat or spermatorrhea occurs during following conditions.

  1. Urine:- some time sperms come out before, during and after urination.
  2. Stool:- some time sperm come out when we applied pressure to pass
  3. Erection:- some time sperm come as soon as erection come as when we talk with female partner

Dhat / spermatorrhea:- it is very dangerous sexual disorder because you urinate as stool as think about sex. best ayurvedic treatment for dhat. As you waste your semen your testes has to work hard to make more and more semen, as you know semen made up of essential proteins and it’s wastage result in sexual weakness & physical weakness. Treatment: – in allopathy they do not consider Dhat / spermatorrhea any disease because they have no treatment are medicine for this problem. Person suffering from Dhat / spermatorrhea also suffer from premature Ejaculation Quick discharge and loss up election.

Ayurvedic treatment:- at sanjivani clinic we have one of the best ayurvedic treatment for dhat.

First of all understand one thing semen is made from the diet we eat this means that diet and medicine plays equal role in treatment many patient came to us saying they take ayurvedic treatment for dhat months but these problem is not accord. We at sanjivani clinic cures thousands of patient suffering from dhat in 2 to 3 month with 95% success rate

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