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Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

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At sanjivani herbal Ludhiana we provide you one of the best ayurvedic medicines. First of all understand one thing here best does not mean costly medicine, best mean medicine which is according to your problems, body, age and other associated problems.



Best Treatment For Dhat

Dhat / spermatorrhea: – this is one of the severe sexual disorder because semen ejaculate without any election as sexual inter course. This means it is involuntary ejaculation of semen. Dhat or spermatorrhea occurs during following conditions.

  1. Urine:- some time sperms come out before, during and after urination.
  2. Stool:- some time sperm come out when we applied pressure to pass

Quick Discharge

Treatment for quick discharge

Definition: – discharge during sex with in 2 minutes if you discharge your semen before 2 mints you can not satisfied your partner result of that your partner has interest in you.

Causes of quick discharge premature ejaculation:-

  1. Diet:- if you take of fried of spicy food you semen become thin and your time period during sex deceased
  2. Weak penis muscles:- if your penis muscles become weak due to masturbation or one use of sex your time period during sex deceased
  3. Use of Viagra as alcohol as any drug.
low sperm count

Low Sperm Count

Best Treatment For Low Sperm Count

Low Sperm Count or Oligospermia

Defiantion: – if the sperm count in semen is less 15 million / milliliters this is called oligospermia.

There is mainly three type of oligospermia.

  1. When the sperm count very low ie below 15 million / milliliters
  2. When the count is 100 million / milliliter but the active motility is very low ie blow 50%
  3. When the count is 100 million / milliliter but the morphology of sperm is not good ie they have no tail or head abnormality
penis enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Treatment for Penis Enlargement

Due to masturbation, bad habits or accident the size of penis does not develop to its natural size (small size penis) . Because the size of penis depends on the blood supply through the large no. of veins in the penis when we get excited the blood supply through the veins get faster and veins become erect and muscles support these veins.

In early young age due to masturbation these veins get injured and blocked the blood supply and result in small size of penis.


Best Treatment For Nightfall

Discharge during the night due to sexy dreams as without any dream. This problem result in physical and sexual weakness and after marriage patient suffers from early discharge while having sex. Semen which is wasted every night during night fall is the vital fluid of the body which cause weakness of whole body & failure in married life. So it is very important to cure it in the early stage.