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Our Expertise Multi Speciality Approach in Ayurveda

Sanjivani Clinic has a top sex specialist doctor punjab team of experts Sexologist in sexual health who can provide a wide range of treatments to help you identify and deal with your sexual issues in a sympathetic setting.

Ayurvedic Top Sex Specialist in Punjab. We have 20 Years of Excellence in Sexual Ayurvedic Treatment; we specialize in treating erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation (Quick Discharge), Dhat, Lack Of Desire, Low Sperm Count, Low Time Period, Penis Enlargement. One of the most common three letter words that most Indians are afraid to discuss about is SEX. Top Sex Specialist. It is for this reason that most sexual health problems are shunned or brushed under the carpet, which is not a good sign. For proper, unbiased and confidential solutions to sexual problems, patients can now confide in a reputed sexologist in Punjab.

Best Sexologist Doctor

If one has to define sexology, it is the multi-disciplinary, scientific study of human sexuality, which includes behaviour, sexual interests and function. The goal of a well-known Best Sexologist Doctors in Punjab is to actively listen to sexual problems of a patient, and then provide the best combination of counselling and medicinal treatment. Ayurvedic medicines, which are considered to be the most effective in this field, are administered by such sexologists. Ayurveda is recognized as the most holistic and foolproof form of treatment in this field.

Before you select a particular sexologist for your treatment, make sure that the individual has worthy reputation. The Internet is the biggest source of testimony these days, where you can read innumerable testimonials. Best Sexologist Doctors in Punjab . You may even call the clinic and ask to speak to some of the patients, to help you make a better decision.

Sexual problems can be either related to the male reproductive system or the female. Sex Specialist Doctor in Punjab. Neither of them is more complicated than the other, they just require thorough understanding.

The best sexologist in Punjab would ideally have been practicing sexology since generations. If several forefathers have developed their skills in the same industry, it is natural that the level of expertise will be high. Best Sex Specialist Doctor in Punjab. Some of the common problems treated by such sexologists are:

Best Sexologist in Punjab:- Dr. Gaurav rattan & Dr. SS Momi (Best sexologist) and his team provide world’s best ayurvedic herbs to treat the patient. READ MORE..

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Dr. Gaurav Rattan & Dr. SS Momi (Best sexologist) and his team provide would best ayurvedic herbs to treat the patient

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Dr. Gaurav Rattan (B.H.M.S) (Sexologist)

DR. S.S. MOMI  (B.A.M.S) (Sexologist)

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  • I came to Ayurvedic Sex Specialist (Sanjivani Clinic) with lots of problems and I lost my interest in sex and life. After taking his treatment i am completely healthy and fit. I am very thankful to him . May god bless him. Google Reviews
    Gill Singh Patient
  • Ayurvedic Sex Specialist (Sanjivani Clinic) is best this center really help me a lot to resolving sex related problem i recommended you to take Ayurvedic medicine from this clinic. Google Reviews
    Bhat Fayaz Patient
  • Ayurvedic Sex Specialist (Sanjivani Clinic) is very nice clinic they look after their patient very nicely and give them right Ayurvedic medicine to get well soon. Google Reviews
    Gurwinder Singh Patient
  • One of the finest Ayurvedic clinics, doctor is very calm. He listen patient problem very carefully and give patient Ayurvedic treatment. Google Reviews
    Mr.Rajan Kalia Patient
  • I visit Ayurvedic Sex Specialist [Sanjivani Clinic] recently the doctors of Sanjivani clinic are very kind and down to earth I disuse my problem with them they treated me very well. Google Reviews
    Rippan Gupta Patient
  • Best Ayurvedic sexologist wonderful doctors they listen my problem and help me thanks doctor. Google Reviews
    Manpreet Singh Patient
  • Ayurvedic Sex Specialist Sanjivani Clinic. Doctors are best doctors for me they really help me a lot. Google Reviews
    Sourav Kamboj Patient
  • Ayurvedic Sex Specialist Sanjivani Clinic. Doctor treats patient extra care and gives them the best Ayurvedic  treatment without any side-effects. Google Reviews
    Sedik Saadia Patient
  • It was great visits to Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Sanjivani Clinic the doctors are very professional the clinic are very neat and clean doctors are very polite and working very professionally.
    Sunny Kumar Patient
  • My Experience with Ayurvedic Sex Specialist in Sanjivani Clinic was good and feeling released after complete my course.
    Shivnder Patient
  • Excellent Ayurvedic doctor they listen my case and then help me great experience thank doctor.
    Surat Singh Patient
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