Treatment For Low Sperm Count

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Treatment for low sperm count

Low Sperm Count or Oligospermia

Defiantion: – if the sperm count in semen is less 15 million / milliliters this is called oligospermia.

There is mainly three type of oligospermia.

  1. When the sperm count very low ie below 15 million / milliliters
  2. When the count is 100 million / milliliter but the active motility is very low ie blow 50%
  3. When the count is 100 million / milliliter but the morphology of sperm is not good ie they have no tail or head abnormality

Causes of low sperm count or oligospermia:-

  1. Varicocele also Causes oligospermia due to abnormal testicular temperature
  2. Some kind of bacteria end viral infection also caused oligospermia ie gonorrhea or mumes.
  3. Some hormonal imbalance like pituitary or hypothalamus can cause oligospermia.
  4. If there is an obstruction of vas deference. Due to some injury, infection or tumor it can also cause oligospermia.
  5. Some medicine like anabolic steroid, anti fungal and antibiotic also causes oligospermia.
  6. Some industrial chemical, heavy metal x-ray radiation also causes oligospermia.
  7. Alcohol, tobacco depression over weight Also cause oligospermia.

Treatment: – in sanjivani clinic we treat oligospermia with ayurvedic medicine.

  • These medicines are purely herbal no hormonal therapy is given.
  • We also suggest best diet to the patient according to his body nature, weather and place he lives because every person body give response at different manner according to his body nature.
  • Some person body give batter response to some herbal medicine we give them according to the weather and place he lives and according to body nature.

We take complete medical and personal history of patient according his body nature and select the best ayurvedic medicine for him to cure his all kind of sexual weakness

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