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Best Sex Specialist Doctor in Jalandhar: Solution to all Male Sex Problems:

Sex is the source of all humankind. The process of procreation, at least in humans, depends on it. But what makes it a rather different concept in humans is the pleasure that two partners derive out of the sexual act. And that’s what brings in emotions and self respect, when one, especially a male, is not able to perform well because of one reason or another. For the most part, these reasons are psychological and stress-related. But there are physiological reasons too. The good news is that the best sexologist doctors in Jalandhar, at Sanjivani, can treat these sexual inadequacies in men with Ayurvedic medicine.

At Sanjivani, Dr. Gaurav Rattan and Dr. S.S. Momi have been treating all male sexual problems for the past 18 years with the highest success rate in Jalandhar and Punjab. This expertise in Ayurvedic medicine for male sexual problems has led them to become one of the best sex specialist doctor in Jalandhar.

Sanjivani promises to offer effective and safe Ayurvedic treatment to its patients. The vast array of services covers the entire span on male sexual problems. Here is the spectrum of services that patients seeks Sanjivani’s expertise in.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:

When a man is unable to get an erection or loses erection during sex, it is known as erectile dysfunction. It can happen because of a number of reasons like too frequent masturbation, stress or depression, use of Viagra or similar drugs and even because of too much sex. Today 6 out of 10 male patients at Sanjivani suffer from erectile dysfunction. We, as the best sexologist in Jalandhar, provide them best ayurvedic medicines (herbs and bhasmas) to treat ED. These medications increase testosterone level that helps attain
erection. With antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients and vitamins we help increase in the muscle power of the penis.

Treatment for Quick Discharge or Premature Ejaculation:

If a male’s semen gets discharges during sex almost immediately after insertion or very shortly in the sexual act, the problem he is suffering with is premature ejaculation or quick discharge.
A very common reason is that the intake of fried of spicy food causes the semen to become thin and your time period during sex is decreased. It could also be because of weak penis muscles, which could be natural or due to too much masturbation or sex. Just like in the case of ED, drugs like Viagra can also cause it.
We can help you with diet and medicine that help you increase your intercourse time. We prescribe Ayurvedic medicine for ED according to your body, age, and other conditions. Our medicines and bhasmas contain essential nutrients and amino acids which thicken and improve the quality of your semen, thus helping you sustain erection for longer.

Penis Enlargement Services:

For a service like penis enlargement, you can only trust the best sexologist Jalandhar. At Sanjivani we provide you the best penis enlargement services. We use a rare ayurvedic medicine for penis enlargement based on the nature of their body, age, and other conditions.
Our Ayurvedic medications works in three ways. It increases blood circulation in the penis to grant full erection. It increases the testosterone level in the blood naturally by improving the health of the testicles. It provides you with essential nutrients through natural herbs to strengthen the penile muscles. All the three ways help in natural penis enlargement.

Treatment for Low Sperm Count or Oligospermia:

When the sperm count in semen dips to fewer than 15 million/milliliter, it is called oligospermia which is also of 3 types.
● When the sperm count is below 15 million/milliliter
● When the sperm count is 100 million/milliliter, but the motility rate of the sperm is as low as 50% or less.
● When the sperm count is 100 million/milliliter but the morphology of sperm is not good, i.e. either no tail or no head.
The condition of varicocele, wherein the veins get enlarged within the scrotum, can be one cause of low sperm count. Bacterial and viral infections can also cause it. Hormonal imbalance like pituitary or hypothalamus are also in the list of causes. Medication like anabolic steroids, antifungal drugs, antibiotics, some industrial chemicals, heavy metal, x-ray radiation, can also cause oligospermia. Apart from this, consumption of alcohol and tobacco and depression can also be the causes behind low sperm count.
Sex specialist doctor in Jalandhar at Sanjivani ensure that the treatment is purely herbal and no hormonal therapy is given. We also suggest best diet to the patient according to his body nature, age, and the climate he lives in. Our Ayurvedic treatment effectively cures low sperm count.

Treatment for Dhat/Spermatorrhea:

This in one of the most severe sexual disorders in men because semen. In Dhat/Spermatorrhea, ejaculation happens without intercourse or even erection. It can occur while passing urine, stool, or even with the slightest of erection or mental arousal.
The wastage of semen can result in loss of essential proteins and thus, in sexual weakness and physical weakness. We prescribe a combination of Ayurvedic medicine and diet to make the sperm healthy. Thousands of patients suffering from Dhat have seen relief within 2 to 3 months. Our success rate is as high as 95%.

Treatment for Lack of Desire (Low Libido):

Low desire for sex or lack of libido takes away the desire of the man for having sex to the extent that he is unable to get and erection or hold it. The main cause behind low libido are chronic diseases, long use of drugs and alcohol, intake of spicy food and irregular eating habits.
Ayurveda can treat lack of desire. Best sexologists in Jalandhar at Sanjivani treat you through medicine, physical activity and dietary prescription. Complete diet chart is given according to one’s body, age, and physical conditions. Proper exercises are prescribed. Also, advice is given on sexual behavior.

Treatment for Nightfall:

Semen discharge during the night or during sleep due to sexually charged dreams or even without any dream, is called nightfall and is very common in men. It can result in sexual weakness as well as loss of physical health because of regular loss of the vital fluid of semen. It can happen because of weak penile muscles, hormonal imbalance, especially low testosterone, medications and drugs used to treat cardio-vascular diseases, depression and also because of high cholesterol level. Alcohol, smoking can also add to the problem
With dietary and medication prescription, combined with sexual advice, you can get treated by the best sexologist doctors in Jalandhar for natural, effective and permanent relief. The treatment will increase the blood circulation in the penis through rare herbs that can strengthen the penile muscles.

If you want to learn more today, give us a call. Let us help you perform your best and enjoy the life that you desire!

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